A Moucher Forever

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This modern, soft cover book is the latest offering from the Southern-based pest controller and life-long lurcher enthusiast, Phil Lloyd.

A Moucher Forever continues in the same light-hearted vein as Phil's previous effort, the best selling 'A Moucher's Tale' and the equally well-received follow-up, 'ConyCatcher.'

This superbly produced treatise is jam-packed, with humorous anecdotes and exhilarating writing that will both inform and entertain you. Nearly 260 pages of lurcher days and nights, beautifully illustrated with numerous full-colour photos and nostalgic sepia images.

Chapter headings such as Letters to a Lurcherman and The Internet Experience make this a genuinely thought-provoking read.

The book continues in Cash for Conies, with the veteran hunter's opinions and comments, on the lifestyle of the professional rabbit controller. Then, the tone quickly softens, as Phil fondly remembers a couple of genuine pals, in A Brace of Goodfellas.

The 1970s, through to the naughty nineties, was a hectic time for an out-of-work chap and, A Bit Too Deer provides the reader with an intimate description of the authors daily and nightly lifestyle, during those hectic years. The story concludes with Phil looking back on his six decades of sport, with various running dogs, ferrets and nets, and he describes to the reader, his fears for the future of the great game, and also for himself.

A Moucher Forever is a personal piece of descriptive writing solely intended for the rough and ready, roustabout, rabbit hunter and as such, it focuses mainly, on the various disciplines, which are allied to this ancient pursuit.

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